family services

To be of service, to one's family one thinks of a duty determined by culture and or circumstance predicated by the limitations of one's socioecomic background.

In narrative, to be called to support and serve in one's family is the basis of a coming of, coming into age of sorts - salvation for the the lost & wandering and an opportunity

amemend, heal and move past transgressions turn road blocks challenging the desire to evolve the self.

More honestly to be of service to anything other than one's ego is a burden of shame and resentment. The interruption a suspicious audacity designed to derail our deranged

entitlement to pursuit life in a manner navigated solely by our desires: circumstances be damned!

For the worse of them, a belief that parenthood meant paving a way forward with opportunity while ensuring all paths led back to self not help beyond the self.

Detouring their offspring to giving care to their own caregivers was an act of betrayal most priviliged Americann families avoided through planning or death or the peculiar

timing of both coinciding.

While not the latter by tradition , most of what is described in the former resonated as accurate.

The agany of my Antigone was less of a complex and more of a duplex. First a bungalow in Los Angeles then a condo in Dallas. My residence was metered, a reading of the

overall temaperatureand health of one family ranging from 71000 - 94000 zipcode rather than farenheight.

But it also se\]

[ved as a way to extract and make meaning of the privilege by proxy

existence to which I had graown accustomed.

Family Servies chronicles the disservice of the modern day black through the lens

of reunion with the foundation of what it means to be a black, to be a woman, to be educated, to be angry, to be complicit and to petition for the right to be this and every problematic contradiction variation of being whilst evolving past, beyond and above what might every be visible to the naked eye.

To serve oneself and believe this path will lead to a greater, better and stronger anything other than it's selfish endeavor is to be the woke modern American.

To serve oneself by knowing there are a million reasons why not getting what you want might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

To serve oneself is to know that the only place you will ever belong, the only way you will ever know love, the only way you will not repeat the past in another life is to make peace with your only god given inheritance: family.

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