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An    Artist    Statement    on    Education

a collaborative arts  program  based on the artists as a resource to community. 

An Artists Statement on Education

We are all students if ....

we are existing as humble humans

we are adulting hard with the goal of maturity,

we are creatives with an awareness of inspiration and ideas are not unique.

vision is not limited. it is a mass transmission to create that which is missing.

therefore, when inspired to create, we must do so confidently and pull from rich palette of our individual experience as human beings.

THE EYE IN VISION is an program wherein an education in the arts is used as a means for empowering communities to advance and envision a new direction.

Each of us enters this world with a map for intelligence specific to our DNA, history, ancestry, trajectory and the uncertainty that is our free will and intuition.

THE EYE IN VISION is a collaborative artists led program centered around creative solution based thinking that begins with self, then community before advancing to industry.

We work together - at every stage, every age and command through delivery our wage.

We are a school, we are a center, we are a think tank. . . . we are a creative community.

And .... we can't wait to meet you please contact us at develop@eyein.vision

With Love + Gratitude,




Untitled circa 2019 ::: Portrait Exhibition + Zine Launch

Friday, January 31st ::: 7pm - 12

wood gallery ::: 2512 James M Wood Blvd

LA, CA 90006